TinyScan 7.3

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A Java-based disk usage utility. It outputs a table and a tree. Both can be sorted.

Functional features

  • Report disk usage.
  • Find duplicates.
  • Scan UNC path.
  • Export the result to Excel, Access, MySQL, etc.

Quick help

  • In the table: control + mouse click to sort on multiple columns. You can also move the colums.
  • In the tree: the same data is displayed in the tree. Therefore sorting the tree will sort the table.
  • You need the checksum to look for duplicates. After looking for duplicates, sort the duplicates descending (=twice), then the bytes size descending then the checksum. Then move those columns next to the filename.
  • To copy the path: select it then control + c.

Technical characteristics

  • Written in Java. Tested on Windows and Linux.
  • Tiny: only a few KB because it stricly uses the standard Java API.
  • No installer. Unzip and start.
  • Fast: each file is accessed only once during a scan.
  • Freeware, open source (=no spyware/trojan inside).

Try it

  1. Download TinyScan
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Launch it.
  4. If TinyScan doesn't start, (re)install Java (7 or above).

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